SIH1 was a conversation about developing and using tools for prototyping intelligent devices, a weekend-long participatory sequel to the talk Matt Cottam and Mike Kuniavsky presented at O'Reilly's Emerging Technology conference this year (Mike's blog post about it). A small group of people developing technology, designing products and experiences, or teaching industrial and interaction design with physical computing spent a weekend in a highly creative environment discussing the ideas, methods, challenges and potential of toolkits designed for prototyping physical computing.


The format was an intimate, hands-on discussion, with presentations by all attendees, opportunities to try out new technologies, and private tours of the collection by museum curators.


There are no formal proceedings for this event. However, we will attempt to collect relevant documentation of it here.

Elizabeth Goodman's extensive notes.
The Flickr photo pool.
The Platial map of conference locations
Individual presentation slides are below.


Friday, June 23, 2006

afternoon: Ford Rouge Factory Tour
evening: group dinner in Dearborn

Saturday, June 24, 2006

8:30: Carriage tour: meet at Eagle Tavern
9:00: Continental breakfast, settling in
9:40: Mike Kuniavsky
10:00: Scott Klemmer, How the history of ui tools research might inform future ubicomp toolkits work (3.3MB PDF)
10:20: Ranjit Bhatnagar
10:40: Jim Budd
11:00: Michal Migurski
11:20: Elizabeth Goodman
11:40: Les Nelson
12:00: Oskar Fjellström
12:20: Lunch
13:20: Michael Rodemer, Approaching Interactivity for Artists, Musicians and Designers (1.5MB Quicktime)
13:40: Tom Igoe, Physical Computing: What We've Learned So Far @ITP (5MB PDF)
14:00: Tod Kurt, USB on Rails
14:20: Nathan Seidle
14:40: Malcolm McCullough
15:00-17:00: Park exploration in groups
17:00-19:00: Curator-guided group tours of Edison's Lab, Wright Brothers' shop, Fuller's Dymaxion house
20:00: Dinner at the Greenfield Village Roundhouse

Sunday, June 25, 2006

8:20: Jef Huang
8:40: Sasha Harris-Cronin
9:00: Dave Mellis
9:20: Björn Hartmann, Beyond apis for buttons and sliders: Prototyping with integrated design, test and analysis (20MB PPT)
9:40: Ed Bennett
10:00: Chris Palmer
10:20: Dave Vondle
11:00: Brian Hinch
11:20: Matt Cottam
11:40: Chipp Jansen
12:00: David Zicarelli
12:20: Scott Minneman
12:40: : Lunch
13:30: Group sketching exercise
15:40: : Presentation of ideas
16:00-17:20: Wrap up and discussion
17:20: Conclusion

The Henry Ford Museum
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Housing one of the largest collections of its kind ever assembled, Henry Ford Museum showcases the people and ideas that have fired our imaginations and changed our lives.